Service Members Affected by Cancer

Cancer is only going to be a chapter in your life,

Not the whole story. -Joe Wasser

You share your life with other service members for years; seeking advice and friendship with those around you while serving alongside them defending the country. Why not share your worries, pains, thoughts and questions with other brothers and sisters who share the same medical battle?

At SMAC, we embrace the military lifestyle and hope to help service members like you, who might need some comfort or support while going through treatment(s) or living beyond cancer.

This group was created by survivors who have served or are currently serving in the US military, that didn’t have a safe, understanding place to share their stories and get the support they needed during their fight.

Call or text us! 910-703-7132

*Disclaimer: this page in no way replaces medical advice. It’s sole purpose is to try to support individuals through a rough time in their life and any participation is entirely up to that individual. Please take all information/advice and consult with your/a healthcare professional before implementing any advice from this page and/or any affiliate pages.*